ASDA Project


ASDA (Autonomous Snack Delivery Android) Project was developed as part of my third year project at Imperial College London in 2016. The goal of this project is to implement autonomous snack delivery software that integrates with Robot DE NIRO of the Robot Intelligence Lab. First, DE NIRO is to be activated by a voice command and receive a food order from the user. Then it needs to autonomously navigate to the cafe in the Electrical and Elecronic Engineering building via the goods lift, place and receive the order, and carry it back to the user.

This project was carried out in a team of 8 people. Development was carried out in mapping, navigation, verbal I/O, lift operation and arm movement and finally a state machine to ensure the DE NIRO's tasks are carried out in correct sequence. I was in charge of implementing navigation and motion planning for the DE NIRO.

Check out the robot demo!



ASDA High Level Overview


  • ROS (Robot Operation System)
  • ROS Navigation Stack
  • Linux
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Git
  • C++
  • Python